Monday, March 22, 2004

Introducing the Steampackets

You may not be aware that Callista has its very own soccer team - The Callista Steampackets. The Steampackets play an hour of soccer every Tuesday and Friday during the lunch break. The skill levels are not very high (though we are slowly improving) and participation is open to all. So if you feel like getting away from your desk and enjoying a spirited romp in the sunshine, join the Steampackets for a game this week! Interested parties can send an email to the Steampacket management to be updated on precise kick-off times.

In the following weeks we will be keeping you informed on the goings on of this highly dynamic club. Recently, Lloyd Stokie was signed by prestigious Mexican football club the Chihuahua Gringos. Rhett Davis’ one year holiday in the UK has also been linked with a signing by a prestigious English Premier League Club, though his management strenuously denies the rumours. More developments to be posted as they occur so watch this space.

Tibor Kosa


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