Monday, May 22, 2006

New Media Funding

The new Steampackets budget was handed down this week by Treasurer Kim Mazaraki, with funding going to new equipment, new players and a small sum going to the media department.

“I don’t know if people have noticed,” said Mazaraki, “but we ran out of crayons and butcher’s paper a few weeks ago, which meant that our Media Liaison was unable to write or submit any articles.”

In a rather schizophrenic interview, Rob Jennings, the Steampackets Media Liaison, said that it was good that the Media department had had a break, as the articles were getting a little predictable.

“Sometimes,” said Jennings, “it seems like they interview the same people over and over again, to produce the same basic article week after week. I mean half the time I think that idiot Jennings just makes stuff up on the spot… That recorder’s not turned on is it?”

In other news, President Adrian Dillon mixed a metaphor and Treasurer Kim Mazaraki did something dodgy with club funds. Club Manager, Adrian Roberts made comments about attendance at the games, and everyone made a joke about Dinil Wijesinghe.

If you would like to get your name in an article, then come down to Steampacket Park on Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes.

Rob Jennings,

Steampackets Media Liaison.

The Callista Steampackets: Skill is not an Option


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