Monday, July 03, 2006

Ladies' Day Reunion

Steampackets Manager, Adrian Roberts, has today advised of a special match to be held later this year. “We’re very happy to announce that a Ladies’ Day reunion match has been scheduled for the 22nd of September. We’re expecting it to be as big and exciting as all of the previous Ladies’ Days bundled together.”

Roberts has been working around the clock to sign the required players, and is very happy with the result.

“Obviously something like this doesn’t come cheap, but we feel that it is worthwhile for the image of the club. The negotiations have been tough, but so far we know that Willis and Roche are confirmed, and we’re in the final stages of deals with Bee, Parsons, Abela and Wijesinghe.”

Roche, whose duties as Catering Officer have taken her off the field full-time since rumours of the Melbourne Krispy Kreme store began back in January, said she was excited to be making a return to the pitch for the September event.

“I can’t wait to kick some butt” she said while sharpening the spikes on her boots.

Always keen to have the last word, President Adrian Dillon had this to add: “This is a very exciting time for the Steampackets. Ladies’ Day has had its problems in the past, but we are looking at this as a breath of fresh blood, and not, as some people have suggested, just flogging a lost cause.”

If you want to prepare for the onslaught of the 22nd of September, then come down to Steampacket Gardens on Tuesday and Friday Lunchtimes.

Rob Jennings,

Steampackets Media Liaison.

The Callista Steampackets: Skill is not an Option

81 days to go...


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