Monday, August 21, 2006

Steampacket Wannabe

In a new twist on the standard recruitment drive, the Steampackets management have come up with the idea of holding live auditions in front of an audience. “We’re calling it ‘Steampacket Wannabe’,” said Manager Adrian Roberts, “and basically the audience will get to vote who stays and who goes. It’s a concept that’s never been done in any area of sports or entertainment. Ever.”

When asked about such TV shows as Australian Idol, American Idol, Popstars, Search for a Supermodel, Rockstar INXS and the Eurovision Song Contest, Roberts simply replied “We thought of it first.”

The exact format is yet to be decided but it has been announced that the whole team will be involved. Contestants will be asked to put on a display of each of the skills that make the Steampackets what they are, against the Steampackets that excel in those areas. So as an example they will have to get the ball past Staley, kick farther and harder that Vale, jump higher than Mazaraki and, as the ultimate challenge, try and get Roberts to pass the ball to them.

“Of course the whole thing will be televised through our Regional Channels broadcast ( and viewers of that live transmission will have a chance to vote for their favourite Steampacket ‘Wannabe’.”

Auditions are open to everyone, and the Steampackets Management are particularly keen to hear from any potential Ladies who might wish to play on the big reunion match on the 22nd of September. Rumours were floating around that a certain female member of the Steampackets disguised herself as a man and played in last Friday’s match. Whether she was checking out the opposition or hoping to defect to the “other side” is hard to say at this point, but if any further developments arise, they will be reported here.

If you think you can cut it with the other wannabes, why not come down to Steampacket Park on Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes.

Rob Jennings,

Steampackets Media Liaison.

The Callista Steampackets: Skill is not an Option


Anonymous Jeff Kenett said...


When are the finals? What are the SteamPackets expectations in the finals. I can't recall the last time they played finals football. It always seems to be a "week by week" situation for the team.

1:48 PM  

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