Monday, November 27, 2006

Getting Sandy

“The Steampackets first game of Beach Football was a roaring success and the team look forward to many more over the summer.”

This is the official statement published today in a Media Release by the Steampackets’ Board.

“Try saying that to my scraped knee,” said the ever bitter Kim Mazaraki. “It was bad enough after I had the fall, but then they had to go and put the stingy stuff on it, and that REALLY hurt. I didn’t cry though, honest.”

Mazaraki, who spent the remainder of Friday cheering himself up with an icy pole and a good lie down, is not the only one who is uncertain about the new style of play. A number of anonymous players (and many who wished to be named, but who don’t deserve the spotlight) have raised concerns about the sand on the ground.

“It gets everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE” said one Steampacket, who was walking gingerly towards the showers.

“The glare from the sun was so strong that I had to take of my fashionable sunglasses and put on my functional ones instead.”

President Adrian Dillon, however, was quite forthright on the matter.

“Look, if you can't stand the heat then you’ll spoil the broth, it’s as simple as that.”

If you would like a chance to play in the sand, then come down to Steampacket Park on Tuesdays and Fridays. And don’t forget, if you can’t play football you can always build a sandcastle.

Rob Jennings,

Steampackets Media Liaison.

The Callista Steampackets: Skill is not an Option


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