Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too Classy For Nerds

The Steampackets are reeling today after discovering that their application to appear on a special celebrity edition of Nerds F.C. was rejected on technical grounds.

External consultants have been hired to facilitate and document the team's resultant blame-storming, to create a methodology for what has been up until now an informal and ad-hoc process.

President Adrian Dillon was beside himself.

"Well, I was beside myself. But then I realised that to get behind the team I should be putting myself forward to make sure I stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Then I had to have a little sit down."

Most available fingers are currently pointing squarely at the application committee, namely Adrian Roberts, Neil Atkinson and Rob Jennings. Roberts was forced to explain the technicality which disqualified the Steampackets from this prestigious competition.

"It's really quite complicated. Apparently to be a contender on Nerds F.C. your club needs to be a little geeky; a little socially awkward. They made us fill out this test, created by an external group of psychological evaluators, to gauge our level of geekiness. It turns out we were too classy for them. Now every one is saying we should have fudged the test a little to help us get in, but I'm not sure you can do that on a psychological test, can you?"

The Steampackets wish the Hurlstone Park Warriors, an all female team from Sydney, all the best in the competition, and also wish the Nerds all the best at the after party.

Rob Jennings,

Steampackets Media Liaison.

The Callista Steampackets: Skill is not an Option


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